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Ailsa Hall Graduate Story Textiles Skill stage 3

Graduate Story: Ailsa Hall – Textiles

Ailsa Hall enrolled onto our Textiles Skill Stage 3 course in May 2020 and has recently completed and achieved her City and Guilds accreditation. Ailsa has been kind enough to share her experience of studying with us. This is her Textiles stitch journey. Don’t forget to take a look at other Graduate Stories

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Interview with Sarah Gwyer, Embroidery Artist

Sarah Gwyer: Textile Pop Art

We recently featured Sarah Gwyer in our blog, Portrait Artists You HAVE to Follow. When researching for the piece we came across Sarah’s work and were hooked by her contemporary and striking style. Sarah Gwyer is well-known for her iconic, bling, celeb portraits which address themes around celebrity status, consumerism

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10 Textile Portrait Artists You HAVE to Follow

10 Textile Portrait Artists You HAVE to Follow

10 Textiles Portrait Artists you HAVE to follow is the latest addition to our Artists you HAVE to follow series. We’ve already looked at leading Knit & Crochet, Quilt, Hand Embroidery, Machine Embroidery, Artists Inspired by Nature, and Felt artists and discovered a treasure trove of modern fibre art inspiration.  These contemporary

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A Graduate Story by Ann Holliday, Textiles course graduate

Graduate Story: Ann Holliday – Textiles

Ann Holliday is our next graduate to talk to us about her course. Ann completed our Textiles Skill Stage 2 course earlier this year. She enrolled onto the course out of a desire to feed her creative soul. She wanted to stretch her knowledge and ultimately become more creative. This

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A Patchwork & Quilting Graduate Story by Jane Walker

Graduate Story: Jane Walker – Patchwork & Quilting

A few months ago Jane Walker successfully completed our Skill Stage 3 Patchwork & Quilting Course. Jane told us that she has always loved textiles. After moving to the USA and whilst waiting for a work visa, she decided to enrol with us. Her only motivation was to indulge in her

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Pip Gilbert Patchwork and Quilting graduate story

Graduate Story: Pip Gilbert – Patchwork & Quilting

Pip Gilbert recently completed our Skill Stage 3 Patchwork and Quilting Course. Today we explore her work and her motivation for the doing course. This is her Stitch Journey. Pip Gilbert I am a recently retired Chartered Accountant with a big desire to learn new skills and possibly start new business

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Samantha Neeve Graduate Story

Graduate Story: Samantha Neeve – Patchwork & Quilting

One of our most recent graduates Samantha Neeve, joins us today to talk to us about completing our Patchwork and Quilting Course (Skill Stage 3). My sewing journey began when I turned 40.  Textiles was never on the school syllabus and nobody in the family had an interest in sewing.  Being

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Lou Petch a Graduate Story. Patchwork & Quilting Graduate

Graduate Story: Lou Petch, Patchwork & Quilting

Lou Petch graduated from our Patchwork and Quilting Skill Stage 2 course earlier this year. Unlike many of our graduates who study with us to gain an accreditation, Lou Petch talks to us about completing the course for herself. To prove to herself that she could do it! This is a fantastic

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Textiles Graduate Jane Freeman discusses her course and her assessment pieces

Graduate Story: Jane Freeman – Textiles

Hi. My name is Jane Freeman and I recently completed Textiles Skill Stage 2 with School of Stitched Textiles. I work as an office manager for a commercial diving company and spend the rest of my time enjoying the beautiful beaches of Wexford, chilling in the garden or sewing!  A

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