Born to Sew: A Graduate Story by Emilia Padovan

We all know of the many benefits to needlework and crafting. For one of our students in particular crafting has not only helped her through personal difficulties but it has also exposed her to a number of fantastic opportunities. Emilia Padovan was definitely born to sew. Read her story as …

Opus Anglicanum Exhibition at the V&A

Opus Anglicanum (meaning ‘work of the English’) are usually, but not always, religious embroideries.  They are made of pure silk, pure gold threads and employ, amongst other stitches, a method called underside couching which means that the whole piece is worked from the reverse.

Louise Gardener makes Quilt for Liberty of London

Read more about Louise Gardener’s quilt on Liberty’s own BLOG “Louise Gardiner is bringing embroidery firmly into the 2010s thanks to a unique combination of spontaneity, crafstmanship and creative vision. After a whirlwind career – including an exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery, multiple industry awards and a feature in The …

Liverpool Cathedral Exhibition

Liverpool Cathedral If you haven’t already been, our local Liverpool Cathedral is well worth a visit for lots of reasons.  The wonderful architecture, the stained glass and not least the wonderful collection of metalwork embroidery.