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Mastery Embroidery crewelwork by Chloe Savage

Chloe Savage: A Woven Legacy of Excellence

Chloe Savage is a master embroiderer, textile artist, and educator based in Bristol. She stands as a luminary in the realm of embroidery, earning her esteemed reputation through an unwavering commitment to her craft and an exceptional mastery of the delicate art form. Renowned for her meticulous attention to detail

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A graduate story by hand embroidery grad, Jo Edwards-Goodman

Learning to Trust My Design Instinct

Jo Edwards-Goodman has completed two course with us: Hand Embroidery skill stage 2 and 3. Her motivation was to consolidate and elevate her skills while proving to herself that she could complete a course with some vigour and challenge. Jo now has a new found confidence in her creative abilities

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Bronagh Sullivan's My Stitch Jounrney

Now I have Confidence In My Ability & Style

Not too long ago, Bronagh Sullivan completed our Beginner Hand Embroidery Course (Skill Stage 2). Having previously only completed kits and beadwork, Bronagh was keen to develop her skills, devote time to something she loved, and gain a qualification. On completing the course she told us that she has learned

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Jessica Grady interview with the School of Stitched Textiles

Jessica Grady: Tactile Embroidery

Jessica Grady is a prominent textile artist known for her innovative approach to creating stunning and tactile textile artworks. Based in Yorkshire, Grady creates pieces that explore both colour and form. By using traditional embroidery methods, interlaced with recycled objects, she invites her audience to view her work in close

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Melanie Giddings 'I wanted to rekindle my love of textile art', graduate story

‘I Wanted to Rekindle my Love of Textile Art’

Melanie Giddings had always had an interest in stitch textiles. As a little girl she would sew, knit and loved needlework at school. Like so many of our students, busy careers, family and friends left little room for her passion. However, as retirement loomed Melanie decided that now was the

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Claire Harvey Graduate Machine Emboirdery

Graduate Story: Claire Harvey – Machine Embroidery

Claire Harvey very bravely told us that one of her motivations for studying with us was to improve her mental health. As a result of studying our Machine Embroidery course (Skill Stage 3) Claire has learnt so much about herself and gained so much confidence. In 2022 she was put

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Ecoprint detail by India Flint

India Flint :: Botanical Alchemist

Australian-born Textile Artist, India Flint, is renown for her ability to weave nature’s tapestry into her creations, allowing the delicate beauty of the natural world to permeate her work. With a captivating style that combines eco-dyeing, botanical alchemy, and slow stitching, Flint has established herself as a pioneer of environmentally

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Listen to our podcast, Textile Talk with Christen Brown, embroidery artist and author.

Textile Talk With Christen Brown

In episode 7 of our Textile Talk podcast – where we interview with inspiring artists – we talk to Mixed Media embroidery artist and author, Christen Brown. LISTEN NOW >> Textile Talk with Christen Brown Listen to the podcast now or read through the transcript below. Gail: Hello, everyone, and thank you so much

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