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Textile Talk With Jo Hamilton

Scottish artist Jo Hamilton moved to Portland, Oregon in the early 1990s, after earning her BFA from the Glasgow School of Art. Her technique combines years of fine art practice with the craft of crochet which she learned as a child from her Gran, rendering traditional categories, which include portraiture,

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Life like monkey embroidered by Textile Artist Janine Heschl

Janine Heschl: Artistry and Advocacy

Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Austria, Janine Heschl is not just an embroidery artist; she is a storyteller, a wildlife enthusiast, and an ARTivist on a mission to celebrate the marvels of nature while raising awareness for its preservation. Janine’s journey into the realm of textile art is as

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A countryside ramble early on a summers day aerial view hand embroidery by Victoria Rose Richards

Victoria Rose Richards: Embroidering A Bird’s Eye View

In the serene landscapes of South West Devon, a young artist finds inspiration amidst the rolling fields, dense woodlands, and meandering rivers. Victoria Rose Richards, at just 25 years old, has already carved a niche for herself in the world of embroidery artistry. Her creations, meticulously crafted with threads and

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7 Textile Artists Inspired by Women

7 Textile Artists Inspired by Women You HAVE to Follow

During the Renaissance Textile Art was relegated from its ‘high arts’ status and embroidery was later banned from exhibitions by the Royal Academy. This influenced women to reject the medium in a bid to be taken seriously as artists.  However, in recent decades women have cleverly reclaimed textiles and needlework

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Textile Talk With Zoe Ingram

Hello, everyone, and a very warm welcome to this textile talk podcast. I’m Gail Cowley and I’ll be your host today. Joining me for this episode is Zoe Ingram, who is a freelance artist, designer and illustrator based in Edinburgh, Scotland. To give you some background to Zoe before we

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Nichols Ball on Improv Quilting. Work by Nicholas Ball

Improv Quilting with Nicholas Ball

A self-confessed fabric addict and improv quilter, Nicholas Ball has amassed a huge following on Instagram over the years, and for good reason. Working under his self-made brand Quilts From the Attic – a nod to his humble workspace in Cardiff, South Wales – his vibrant designs and improvised methods inspire

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Enchanting Embroideries by Rachel Gooden, An interview with the School of Stitched Textiles.

Rachel Gooden: Enchanting Embroidery & Taxidermy Stumpwork

Discover the most beautiful and intricate hand embroidered pieces by Stitch and Bone: The home of handcrafted embroideries, inspired by nature’s most fascinating inhabitants and uniquely created by artist, Rachel Gooden. As the creator behind this captivating venture, Rachel delves into the exquisite art of stumpwork embroidery, weaving her fascination

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9 Textile Artists inspired by Food you HAVE to follow

9 Textile Artists Inspired by Food You HAVE to Follow

The world of art has always been a vast canvas for creative expression. Throughout our Textile Artists you HAVE to Follow series we’ve demonstrated that inspiration has no bounds and can come from the most unexpected of places. And what could be more quintessentially human and more universally relatable than

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Mastery Embroidery crewelwork by Chloe Savage

Chloe Savage: A Woven Legacy of Excellence

Chloe Savage is a master embroiderer, textile artist, and educator based in Bristol. She stands as a luminary in the realm of embroidery, earning her esteemed reputation through an unwavering commitment to her craft and an exceptional mastery of the delicate art form. Renowned for her meticulous attention to detail

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An interview with Cas Holmes and School of Stitched Textiles

Cas Holmes: A Stitch in Time

Originally published July 19, 2019 and updated with new work and new podcast in October 2023. As one of the UK’s most popular mixed media artists, Cas Holmes needs no introduction. Her accomplishments include the publication of several books, work in public and private collections and countless international exhibits.  Cas’

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