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10 Textile Artists Inspired by Architecture you have to follow

10 Textile Artists Inspired by Architecture You HAVE to Follow!

Welcome to our exploration of the fascinating world where architecture meets textiles—a realm where creativity, craftsmanship, and the allure of architectural forms converge in stunning textile artworks. In this blog, we delve into the textile art world to bring you 10 textile artists inspired by architecture.  Whether you’re a seasoned

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7 Textile Artists Inspired by Women

7 Textile Artists Inspired by Women You HAVE to Follow

During the Renaissance Textile Art was relegated from its ‘high arts’ status and embroidery was later banned from exhibitions by the Royal Academy. This influenced women to reject the medium in a bid to be taken seriously as artists.  However, in recent decades women have cleverly reclaimed textiles and needlework

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9 Textile Artists inspired by Food you HAVE to follow

9 Textile Artists Inspired by Food You HAVE to Follow

The world of art has always been a vast canvas for creative expression. Throughout our Textile Artists you HAVE to Follow series we’ve demonstrated that inspiration has no bounds and can come from the most unexpected of places. And what could be more quintessentially human and more universally relatable than

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10 Textile Artists inspired by the Ocean

10 Textile Artists Inspired by the Ocean

The ocean has always been incredibly inspiring. Its vastness evokes a sense of mystery, awe and wonder, while its tranquillity and serenity provides a place of solace and reflection. Home to a remarkable array of marine life, from colourful coral to majestic whales and other exotic creatures, it’s not surprising

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10 textile artists inspired by nature that you have to follow

Textile Artists Inspired by Nature You HAVE To Follow

Our Artists You have to Follow series focuses on contemporary artists and makers. Throughout the series we delve deep into the art world to pluck out our favourite, stand-out, awe inspiring artists, who are breaking the mould and really pushing the boundaries with their art. We hope that these artists spark an

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10 Textile Portrait Artists You HAVE to Follow

10 Textile Portrait Artists You HAVE to Follow

10 Textiles Portrait Artists you HAVE to follow is the latest addition to our Artists you HAVE to follow series. We’ve already looked at leading Knit & Crochet, Quilt, Hand Embroidery, Machine Embroidery, Artists Inspired by Nature, and Felt artists and discovered a treasure trove of modern fibre art inspiration.  These contemporary

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10 Contemporary Felt Artists you HAVE to Follow

10 Contemporary Felt Artists you HAVE to Follow

Felt making is an extremely versatile art allowing artists to create flat and 3D sculptures. Many artists choose to dye their own yarn to create truly bespoke and unique pieces of art.  Our own Felt Melting courses are gaining popularity, perhaps suggesting that this ancient art form is making a comeback. To

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A collection of embroidery work by Machine Embroidery artists you have to follow

Machine Embroidery Artists you HAVE to Follow

In our latest instalment of our ‘Inspirational Artists’ Series, we’re looking at the pioneers of Machine Embroidery. These Machine Embroidery artists are guaranteed to inspire budding artists and admirers.  As usual, we’ve combed the web and Instagram to find established and lesser-known artists that are really making waves with their creations.  The

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Embroidery artists you have to follow

Hand Embroidery Artists you HAVE to Follow

If you’ve been following our Inspirational Artists series you’ll know how this works. In a bid to inspire and delight we’ve trawled the web and social media platforms like Instagram to share with some great artists and makers. And we have some truly groundbreaking, innovative and breathtaking work to share

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inspiring patchwork quilt artists

Inspiring Patchwork Quilt artists you HAVE to follow

Patchwork and Quilting are arts that can be traced back to 3400 BC, and they have remained a staple across many cultures, countries and traditions. The web is therefore packed with artists, makers and DIYers eager to demonstrate their talents – some of which started quilting to have a more

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