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Machine Embroidered Piece by graduate Julie Cole

Graduate Story: Julie Cole Machine Embroidery

Julie Cole studied our Machine Embroidery Skill Stage 3 course. After graduating a few months ago she was kind enough to share her experience with us. Having always loved art, Julie wanted to learn to new skills and stretch and her creative wings. This is her Stitch Journey. “The SST offered

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10 textile artists inspired by nature that you have to follow

Textile Artists Inspired by Nature You HAVE To Follow

Our Artists You have to Follow series focuses on contemporary artists and makers. Throughout the series we delve deep into the art world to pluck out our favourite, stand-out, awe inspiring artists, who are breaking the mould and really pushing the boundaries with their art. We hope that these artists spark an

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Graduate Story by Vick Drury

Graduate Story – Vicki Drury Machine Embroidery

Vicki Drury has kindly agreed to share her experience of studying our Skill Stage 3 Machine Embroidery course. This is her fantastic stitch journey. Vicki Drury I was taught to sew and draft by my mother and grandmother on a Singer treadle sewing machine. My grandmother also taught me to

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Lynda Boardman, Machine Embroidery graduate story

Graduate Story: Lynda Boardman – Machine Embroidery

Early this year Lynda Boardman successfully completed our Skill Stage 2 Machine Embroidery Course. She shares her experience of studying the course and says that she is proof that ‘you’re never too old to learn’. Lynda Boardman I enrolled in Machine Embroidery Skill Stage 2 in August 2020 a few

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Graduate Story by Hayley Semper

Graduate Story: Hayley Semper – Machine Embroidery

Hayley Semper recently completed our Skill Stage 3 Machine Embroidery Course. Hayley has kindly agreed to share her experience of studying with the School of Stitched Textiles, and we’re sure a lot of people can related to her story. She describes choosing a career over her passion but after more than

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A creative journey by Helen Plummer - Machine Embroidery graduate

Graduate Story: Helen Plummer – Machine Embroidery

Helen Plummer recently completed our Skill Stage 3 Machine Embroidery course and joins us today to share her experience. Helen was initially looking for a distraction and a new focus. However, after a few modules on our course, she found that her ‘latent artistic side’ was finally able to burst into full

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Machine Embroidery graduate story by Myra Velk

Graduate Story: Myra Velk – Machine Embroidery

Myra Velk completed our Skill Stage 2 Machine Embroidery Course towards the end of 2020. Myra admits that she agonised over the decision to study with us for quite some time. However, since completing the course, she wishes she had done it sooner and has some excellent advice for future students. This

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A graduate story by Machine Embroidery graduate, Cathy Howe

Graduate Story: Cathy Howe – Machine Embroidery

Cathy Howe recently completed our accredited Machine Embroidery Course (Skill Stage 2) and has already started on our Skill Stage 3 Machine Embroidery course. For Cathy Howe the course has given her a huge sense of fulfilment and has been a welcome distraction from her full time job. Take a look through her

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An interview with Rosie James, Textile Artist

Rosie James: Machine Drawn People

Textile artist Rosie James describes her work as machine drawn. Inspired by people, her pieces reflect her instinctive curiosity in crowds and human behaviour. Often there is someone or something that stands out from the crowd which then becomes her focus. Each composition is freely stitched using her machine and

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