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To enhance your Stitch Directory listing to Level 2, you will first need to be a recognised ‘Featured Supplier’ of the School of the Stitched Textiles. 

Featured Suppliers will be featured on our homepage which gets more than 12 thousand unique hits per month. You also be featured across our Social Media channels which reaches more than 30 thousand followers in total. 

All we ask is that you include the ‘Featured Supplier’ badge somewhere on your website. 

Step 1.

Simply copy the piece of code below and add it to your website. The code can also be sent to your website manager if someone else manages your site.

<a href="https://www.sofst.org/" alt="School of Stitched Textiles" title="School of Stitched Textiles"><img src="https://www.sofst.org/stitch/sofst.png" /></a>

For help with adding the badge to your site, simply follow the steps below. 

Step 2

Please enter the url of the page you have added the badge to. Once we have verified that your badge is on your site, your listing will be changed to Level 2. 

    Please contact sarah@sofst.org if you require further assistance.

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