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When I was at univeristy studying textile design, we always knew where to go for the unusual or specialist fabrics – Whaleys in Bradford.  They are an old, traditional firm who supply all sorts of different fabrics to stage, trade, student and general public.  The difference in price per meter is reflected in the amount you buy.

You can also save postage if you’re prepared to pick up instead of have it posted to you. It’s great if you’re in a group or can merge orders with someone to get costs down.  I remember one poor husband of a classmate spent lots of time on the road with his job and we took advantage a little – we always assumed he would be ‘just passing’ so we wouldn’t have to pay for shipping.  I’ll say it now – Sorry Bill!!!
Their fabrics are sold in their natural state (base cloth), and they are sold with the intentions of customers dyeing / printing themselves so therefore the majority of fabrics are white/cream in appearance.
Now some people would find this a boring site – just white and (a few) black fabrics.  However I love it for what it represents – POSSIBILITIES!!
Put it together with another firm, not too far away, and you have a perfect combination.  Kemtex have supplied dyes and colouring for fabrics for as long as I can remember.  Based just down the road to SST, at Euxton (pronounced xton) they sell their own make of cold, acid and transfer dyes and also sell beginners kits if you’re uncertain about what to purchase.

Now neither of these sites are fancy to look at (sorry Whaleys and Kemtex, if you’re listening!) and a few sample photos of completed work would definitely help out. In fact, as I make it a rule to always post with a photo, I’ve been forced to gratuitously use a photo of some of my own design work to fill in for them (I was using some kemtex dye on it though)!!  However, this is the basic stuff, at reasonable prices and is overflowing with potential.  It’s just missing a creative type who enjoys putting the two sets of offering together…….


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