New Flickr Gallery Uploaded

180ish photos of student work have been uploaded to Flickr today – these are samples from work that came into the SST office since November of last year.  Many thanks to Marj for her hard work in collating them all!

It’s wonderful to see so many – thought we’d been working hard!! Of course, we also know that our students and prospective students like to view them too.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Very, very true of such a visual subject as textiles.  To be able to see what others have produced and how they have interpreted their course materials is so valuable.  Hope you all enjoy the resource, not just the ones which have gone up today at, but also the hundreds that are already up there at

Here’s one from one of my students, Rebecca W, that I really enjoyed – I love monochromatic schemes.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth. It's part of an image transfer set of samples – using a fresh photocopy, cellulose thinners are applied to the back of the copy and then the paper is burnished with the back of a spoon. It's a temperamental method but can work really well with the right image (not too light or dark and with a good contrast between the elements)

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