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Crochet blanket designed by Anna Nikipirowicz

Anna Nikipirowicz: The Queen of Crochet & Knitting

Anna Nikipirowicz is a Knit and Crochet designer, author, and teacher. Her obsession with knitting and crochet is attributed to her sister and mother, who she remembers knitting ‘legendary’ Fair Isle hats. Today her designs can be found in Inside Crochet magazine and regularly feature on Yarn Lane TV. She

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Ruth Norbury: The Darker Side of Embroidery.

Ruth Norbury: The Darker Side of Embroidery

Fibre Artist, Ruth Norbury is very conscious of her impact on the earth. She knows that the clothing and textiles industry is one of the largest polluters and therefore creates pieces made entirely from recycled materials. But there is another reason. Ruth is an embroidery artist fascinated by themes of

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Lorraine Roy Interview with the School of Stitched Textiles

Lorraine Roy: The Science of Textile Art

It may come as no surprise that Canadian textile artist, Lorraine Roy, is a scientist. Having studied natural sciences and ornamental horticulture, her knowledge and ongoing studies of trees is her primary source of inspiration. Her style is natural, yet sometimes abstract but always demonstrates her understanding and love of nature. We

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Winwick Mum, Christine Perry Interview with the School of Stitched Textiles

Winwick Mum, ‘Knitting is a Vital Life Skill’

Christine Perry, aka Winwick Mum is a knitter. More specifically she is the mastermind behind the successful site, Winwick Mum; a labyrinth of delightful knitting patterns and resources to help beginners create hand-knitted socks. As well as patterns, tutorials, and equipment the Winwick Mum site also features Winwick Mum Yarn,

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A Revealing Exposé of Nudinits

A Revealing Exposé of Nudinits

Sarah Simi is a knitting phenomenon best known for her nudinit characters, which are brought to life through her animation company, Woolly vision. Along with animator Ed Hartwell, Sarah produces awarded-winning stop-motion animated films. Her characters live in a world entirely made from wool and fabric, brimming with naughty innuendos.

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Interview with Sarah Gwyer, Embroidery Artist

Sarah Gwyer: Textile Pop Art

We recently featured Sarah Gwyer in our blog, Portrait Artists You HAVE to Follow. When researching for the piece we came across Sarah’s work and were hooked by her contemporary and striking style. Sarah Gwyer is well-known for her iconic, bling, celeb portraits which address themes around celebrity status, consumerism

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Interview with Ingrid Sanchez Watercolour Artis

Ingrid Sanchez: Brush Dancing Approach to Design

Mexican-British watercolour artist and designer, Ingrid Sanchez, joins us today to talk to us about her work and her latest book release, DIY Watercolour Christmas. Inspired by her love of nature, meditation, yoga and fuelled by tea, she shares her work and approach to designing. Ingrid Sanchez works from her home

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Interview with embroidery artist, Trish Burr

Needle Painting with Trish Burr

Trish Burr Trish Burr is a self-taught embroidery artist specialising in needle painting and Whitework embroidery. Working out of her home studio in Cape Town, South Africa, Trish creates patterns, embroidery kits and materials for embroidery enthusiasts. Trish’s ability to effortlessly blend colours and create stunning life-like pieces has made

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10 Textile Portrait Artists You HAVE to Follow

10 Textile Portrait Artists You HAVE to Follow

10 Textiles Portrait Artists you HAVE to follow is the latest addition to our Artists you HAVE to follow series. We’ve already looked at leading Knit & Crochet, Quilt, Hand Embroidery, Machine Embroidery, Artists Inspired by Nature, and Felt artists and discovered a treasure trove of modern fibre art inspiration.  These contemporary

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