Knit artists you have to follow if you're a knitting addict

Inspiring knit artists you HAVE to follow

Whether you’ve recently started one of our accredited knitting or crochet courses or just a complete yarn addict, here is a fantastic list of inspiring crochet and knit artists that you simply HAVE to follow. We’ve put together an eclectic mix of artists featuring the good, the crazy and the innovative. Enjoy!

1. Mulyana

Mulyana with his ocean underwater knits

Indonesian artist Mulyana, is renown for his underwater world made entirely of his own knitted and crochet pieces. This magnificent, colourful and somewhat majestic underwater world reminds us of how beautiful the ocean is and how versatile kitting and crochet are.

His work is currently being displayed at the Good Shed, Perth, Australia. He also recently brought his underwater life to a Hermes store window. Follow Mulyana on Instagram.

Underwater exhibition by Muylana
Mulyana with his underwater knitted creations
White coral reef by Mulyana

2. Tuija Heikkinen

Tuija Heikkinen is a textile designer and Arts & Crafts teacher from Rovaniemi, Finland. Although she is mainly known for her vibrant crochet designs she also does knitting and embroidery which are often combined with wearable garments. 
 She has a beautiful Instagram account, so go check it out and start following her. 

3. Emma Friedlander-Collins

Emma Friedlander-Collins, up-cycles garments by adding knitted and crochet embellishments. Actually, this is a bit of an understatement because she typically splices t-shirts, chops jacks and dismantles jumpers in order to add some innovative knitted and crocheted charm. 
She’s also a published author and co-founder of #crochetgirlgang.
Follow her on Instagram or visit her website for more details. 

4. Faith Humphrey Hill


Knitted Portrait by Faith Humphry Hill

Faith Humphrey Hill is a Chicago based artist and knitter who expertly combines the two disciplines to literally create knitted paintings. Initially she makes a sketch using digital photo editing software which she then turns into a knitting pattern. After completing the hand knitting she then makes a digital copy to create the final piece. The result is a textured, awe-inspiring final mesh of art meets craft excellence. 

Head over to her website for more information or to purchase some her knit prints or to commission a portrait. Faith can also be found on Facebook  and Instagram.

5. Jake Henzler

Copenhagen Building Blocks is one of Jake Henzler's most popular designs.

Jake Henzler, aka, Boy Knits World is an Australian born artist who only recently took up knitting. After living in Denmark for a year he was inspired to create a blanket based on the local architecture. His pattern for Copenhagen Building Blocks earned him the fame and recognition he deserves.

Find him on Ravelry, Facebook, and Instagram.

6. Stephen West

If you’re looking for something a little more obscure why not check out Stephen West. Stephen is an accomplished knitting designer and co-owner of the fabulous yarn shop West and Penelope in Amsterdam.

You can get hold of his patterns on Ravelry, Facebook and Instagram.


7. Heidi Yang

Heidi Wang is an incredible knitter driven by the desire to connect and empower her fellow knitters. She has a decent following on her Youtube channel, organises knitting meet ups, and runs a facebook Group called Knit Tightly, designed specifically for the knitting community to share their work. Her instagram account is full of her amazing knits which contain some impressive fair isle designs. Whilst she may not design her own patterns, she sure does a lot for the knitting community. 

Follow her on Instagram for daily updates.  

8. Frenchie

Frenchie, a knitting designer and coach, describes herself as a Takatāpui Māori Artist,  empowering fibre artists to transform yarn to manifest Aroha (love). She’s on a quest to shake up the industry one stitch at a time.

You can find her patterns on Ravelry, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram as well as checking out her work, projects and teachings on her own website.

9. Kate Jenkins


Inspiring knit artist Kate jenkin's work

Kate Jenkins brings us so much joy with her appetising crochet/knit creations. Her work is quite simply DELICIOUS and cleverly observational. The Welsh born textiles artist graduated from the University of Brighton with a BA Honours in Fashion & Textiles in 1995. Since then she has built a successful career as a knitwear designer.

 To see her products, prints and exhibitions visit her site or follow her on Instagram and Facebook

If you’d like to share an artist with us then please feel free to leave a comment below. For more great blogs subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates. 

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