Master Practitioner Course in Embroidery - Certificated by SST

This course is intended for those who have already completed either a certificate or a diploma level City & Guilds course. After undertaking these courses, students often find it difficult to maintain the momentum that they had whilst studying for their qualification. They frequently feel that, although they now have many more skills and techniques at their disposal, they still need to find their own style and voice within the textiles field. This course will help them to develop their own individual design style in order to progress their textiles, while also making practical suggestions about exhibiting, professional practice and marketing. It will also enable them to experiment with the latest techniques and methods, which becomes ever more important as the tools and materials available to textile designers expand.

As this is an advanced course, we will need to see a selection of your work before you enrol – please make an enquiry so we can tell you how to do this.

Each module is personalised for the individual student so that they are able to build on their strengths and concentrate on areas that appealed to them the most, without being forced down the broad brush approach required by examination bodies or when undertaking a degree.

Module 1 - Inspiration from the Invisible
During this module inspiration will be taken from music and verse, producing a set of design ideas from these little used sources and then continuing through to sampling and eventually to complete a final piece of the student's own choosing.

Module 2 - The Journey - Highways and Byways
This module will take its inspiration from a favourite walk or journey, exploring items along the way, aerial views, sections and cross sections, maps, photographs and sounds. The next step will be to explore a series of samples using print, image transfer, positive and negative shapes, over prints etc. And then progressed these two completed piece of the student's choice.

Module 3 - Memories are made of this...
This module will be based around an object or group of objects that holds special association for the student. They will begin by drawing and photographing, but then move into three dimensions in order to exploring three dimensional construction methods, initially sampling with wire, paper and card and then moving on to a three dimensional piece of the students choosing.

  • The full course is run over 3 modules and is available as either individual modules or as a set of 3 modules.
  • After enrolment, each student will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire in order to allow for SST to personalise their course materials for them.
  • Each student will have a personal tutor who will provide written feedback for them at the end of each module, but also be on hand to help out with suggestions as the work progresses.
  • Each Module is intended to last between 3 and 6 months, although this can vary according to student's circumstances and it is possible to either speed this up or slow it down to suit the individual. 3 years is the maximum time allowance for completion.
  • SST issue a Master Practitioner certificate on completion of the full course.
  • Upon completion, highlights of each student's work will be showcased on our website.

Upon enrolment you will be asked to agree to and abide by SST's terms & conditions relating to this course.

Option 1: In Full - (3 Modules) = £695.00

Option 2: 3 Instalments - (1st Module) = £275.00