Giving Credit Where it is Due

You know when we all walk around historic properties and wonder ‘who made that’? Wouldn’t it be nice to know more about the pieces which interest us and the people who made them?
The Quilters Guild have undertaken an oral history project to record the making of quilts. Every quilter has a story to tell about the quilts they make. Quilts are made to celebrate, remember, for healing or therapy, as art or simply for pleasure. Talking Quilts is saving the stories of present day quilters by recording their narratives, practices and experiences, creating a national collection of quilters’ stories, including sound and video recordings, photographs and transcripts.

You can search for quilters in a particular region of the UK, or just dip in if you like the look of a finished quilt.

Hopefully this project will lead the way towards giving our craftspeople more credit for the special things they make and save the information for posterity.

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