WorkSpace – good and bad points

Some of your will already know that I’ve been having work done at home.  It’s now at the stage that I have had to make some decisions about my new workroom.  It got me thinking about what’s vital, unessential and nice to have if possible. I also guess this will differ for everyone – I may think a music system is vital, but you may prefer to work in silence.

The first thing I noticed about my allotted room was that there was a lack of lighting (just one wall light and nothing else).  That has to come under the essential heading unless a miners head lantern is to be employed at all times. Probably spotlights to position as and where needed would be a plan. Next thing was flooring: carpet is not a practical item unless you’re a very careful sewer and always pick up your stray cottons immediately (I’m not!!). Maybe a vinyl or laminate floor could be the answer. It’s an area where we spend a lot of time, so being warm and comfortable are also important, as is good storage and lots of worktop space.

I could go on, but at this point I wondered if anyone had every devised a checklist for an ‘ideal’ workspace for those using a machine?  If you have or know of one, let me know.  I’d love to pass it on to others. To start everyone off, I found an interesting blog about it at

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  1. We can all dream Gail!

    Quilting Arts put out regular magazines along the lines of "Best workroom in the World" particularly for those on unlimited budgets…. Worth reading in your local library!! Most of their set ups would cost about what most of us spend on an entire house!

    Seriously though …. one thing I'd add to your list is a design wall.

  2. Really! My brain-wheels wouldn't stop! (and it's all your fault Gail!)

    Last night I designed the most fabulous studio … it had an adjustable height table for design work and cutting out and a really good adjustable chair.

    A wet room, with hot and cold water, and a fridge for keeping dyes.

    And another fridge for the milk and wine, and a very superior coffee machine – I mean, like $$$ for cafe-beating lattes!!!

    When I win Lotto it'll be all on!!

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