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Lovely to see the front cover of Workbox Magazine with a photo of one of my samples – got quite a shock (a pleasant one!!) when I saw their tweet last night. There is also a great article inside on SST with our student and tutor work included, alongside lots of other great projects and articles, of course. Workbox has always been one of my favorite magazines and it has been wonderful to see it up and running again and as strong as ever. It bridges that gap between embroidery, applique, quilting very well. Lets face it, if you do one you often dabble in another so a mag that can inspire on all fronts is very welcome.

The Workbox team also have a new Be Inspired book which is available for pre-order and looks like a real corker

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  1. Congratulations Gail! The cover looks magnificent. I'm sure the article is inspiring. It doesn't seem to be easy to get hold of Workbox in New Zealand any more – have they been 'resting' for the last while?

    Lovely SST student's work on the web too. It's hard to find what course the particular sample belongs to – is there a way of separating them out into courses?

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