Phone calls and Visits

A very busy week with hardly chance to draw breath – Marj is away at her niece’s wedding this week, so we are ‘managing’.  It is also the week that data collection phone calls have to be made for those participating on the Research Study, which involves early mornings (for New Zealand) and turning back in evenings (for all those who work away from the home during the day) so our feet have hardly touched, hence the reprehensible delay in blogging this week!

David and I had a lovely long weekend with one of my graduating diploma distance students and her husband, over from New Zealand.  During the time she has been studying with us I have visited NZ twice and they have been over here frequently too, as well as lots and lots of emails, so we have all become firm friends. We went to the Lakes for a visit – beautiful, but very ‘damp’.  A shame that it couldn’t have put a better foot forward for our visitors, but I guess that’s British weather for you.  There was a little sunshine when we reached Hill Top, Beatrix Potter’s farm, on Sunday – I think it had taken pity on us by then! I snapped this on a dry spell and the boats are from Bowness marina – mmm….design idea taking shape….

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  1. Lovely pictures Gail and glad you had a good time. The weather here in NZ has been dreadful so a bit of warm rain over your way is nothing for them to worry about. Hope Marj's niece's wedding went well.

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