Paperwork done

Gosh, but we worked hard here in the office last week – lots and lots of paperwork to complete which has now been sent off to our external verifier in time for her summer EV visit.  I’m sure people must think reading the above that we should be more organized AHEAD of the event, but it actually isn’t quite that simple – we have a second week of May deadline for all work which is to be assessed ahead of the visit, but every year some are late/very late, which in turn makes us work much harder in a shorter time in order to meet the 6 week deadline we have for submitting student details to C&G.  All done now (for another year anyhow!) and on with the usual business of assessing work which has come in to the office.
I can’t remember if I posted on blogger that the new summer newsletter is now available for download?  Anyhow it is and you can access the link here  Hope you enjoy it – there’s lots of new exhibition and events listings as well as articles on historical textiles.

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