Steve’s competition & Quilters Guild Exhibitions x 2

It’s been a busy old week, with removal men altering the office around to accommodate a new workstation desk and a dedicated mac for all of our graphics production.  I snapped this early today and you can see that whilst the space is ready, the new desk has not yet arrived or been set up, so therefore the mac is still in its box – the best laid plans always go astray!

We’re also around half way through the new website – with slight delay at the moment caused by Steve, our web designer, winning a Gibson guitar competition to photograph the acts at Sonisphere (used to be Knebworth) last weekend.  Haven’t spoken with him since, but I really hope all went well as he was so pleased to be doing what he enjoys best. If you like rock and want to catch some of his work you can find him at

Now on to the textile stuff – 7th May – 29th August 2011 Celebrations  and  Made in Yorkshire  7th May – 29th August 2011 are the two latest exhibitions at the the Peasholme headquarters of the Quilters Guild if you’re lucky enough to be in the York area.  If not,  you can view a substantial collection of their traditional and modern quilt collection online at MODERN or TRADITIONAL galleries.  There is also a section on quilts made by guild members at MEMBERS
Further details of the current exhibitions described below, visit their website at QUILT MUSEUM


7th May – 29th August 2011.
Wedding and christening gowns are just two of the celebratory items that will be included in the Quilt Museum’s main exhibition opening on Saturday 7 May.
In years past, quilts were often made to mark significant milestones in life such as birth, marriage and anniversaries. The same techniques used in these quilts, namely patchwork and quilting, were also used in costume
The Quilt Museum’s forthcoming exhibition, ‘Celebrations’, focuses on these happy events and comes at a time when Royal weddings are very much in the news.
Exhibits will include a corded silk grosgrain wedding dress and jacket made by a Dutch woman for her English niece in 1954 and a quilted wedding gown made by the well known North Country quilter Amy Emms for her daughter in 1957. The latter item is on loan from Mrs Olive Gregson and Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens, where it is on permanent display. Other items include a wedding quilt of printed cottons made in Cumbria in 1899; several cot quilts made for new born babies and a quilt made to commemorate Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee in 1887. Christening gowns on show will include a dress made in 1980 by Edna Davies in Tyne and Wear, and a more elaborate pink and white dress made by the prize-winning contemporary quilter Jacquie Harvey. It was inspired by the Ayrshire needlework used on christening gowns in the 19th century

Made in Yorkshire

7th May – 29th August 2011

The ‘Made in Yorkshire’ exhibition is the result of an invitation by the Quilt Museum to individual textile artists working in the area including; Philippa Naylor, Serena Partridge, Gillian Travis, Fiona Wilson, Christine Shaw, Alison Bramley, Dionne Swift, Sallie Temple, Christine Heath, Fiona Hirst, Carol Coleman, Caroline Dunn, Sandra Middletonand Karen Griffiths . The work on show will demonstrate a variety of skills including weaving, embroidery and quilting ranging in form from woven scarves to applied landscapes. One such landscape is the Pennine village of Ripponden where some of the former mills have been converted to luxury flats. Created by artist Gillian Travis, ‘Pennine Contrasts’ captures the spirit of the village both old and new.

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