Noisy Weekend – 9/8/2010

OK – now for a moan.  I’ll get it out of the way quickly, I promised!

I’m grouchy cos I’ve had very little sleep this weekend – the next door neighbours have gone to their villa in Spain(!) again – which is great news as it SHOULD be really quiet for once.  Bad news is they have left their teenage daughter + boyfriend/s behind who seems to have burglar alarm fixations(soooo glad I’m not that age anymore – horrible!). which we’ve kinda become accustomed to (well after at least 20 times over the last 10 days, you do, don’t you?!!).  Now, day time is irritating, but late at night and 3am on Sunday morning just isn’t funny, especially when it carries on going off for 20 mins, then goes off them comes back on 30 mins later and the cycle is repeated and repeated.  What is it that is so intellectually challenging about JUST NOT SETTING IT WHEN YOU KNOW IT’S FAULTY??? 

Right moaning over and regular service resumed………the morning ahead is to do with post, email and master plans (that’s for new Master Class courses, not world domination, although now I come to think about it……….!)

Also I have to put my thinking cap on over the new homepage and work out enty and landing pages. Does anyone reading this notice that there is very little in that schedule to do with actual hands-on textiles?

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