New Study, EV and Tennis

As usual it’s all happening at once here – the External Verifier visits on Friday, so we are still up to our necks in paperwork (there will also be cleaning and shopping for lunch nearer the time!), but as well it has fallen on this week to get all our new study participants started on their module 1 Patchwork and Quilting. I know their course materials have arrived because the inbox was full of return receipts this morning.  I’m sure they’ll have a wonderful time undertaking their study with Janet – she’s a great tutor and a very nice person.

So, lots and lots to do and I was just looking forward to a weekend off when it’s all completed – hopefully incorporating a lie down with a cold compress whilst watching Wimbledon and maybe even eating a few strawberries (is it physically possible to lie down with a cold compress AND watch tennis AND eat strawberries – still thinking about that one! Maybe cream would be a messy step too far?) when someone pointed out that we actually have an Open Day scheduled at the centre for Saturday afternoon (goodbye ladies finals………..) and my newly fed-exd blackberry (the last one met it’s match on the stone floor here in the office last week) has just informed me that I’m meeting a friend for coffee on Sunday afternoon (goodbye mens finals………..) My tennis knowledge is going down, but my social life is clearly on the up!

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