Move Complete!

We are now finally in our new office – gosh but its been a big effort!  However all around us are builders and banging and crashing (not to mention some very out of tune whistling and singing) which continues to make things ‘interesting’ when speaking on the phone.

I have to say it’s an improvement – the roof is much lower which makes it a little more intimate and cosy (we just need some mood music and candlelight to achieve the full effect …….).  Hopefully it will also be much warmer when everywhere around us also gets back to normal, although presently all doors are open for the guys bringing things in and out and we have some FREEZING drafts later on in the day.  At the moment we are employing Spot the Dog as a draft excluder – he is stuffed, honestly, – we wouldn’t do that to a real dog!  I did suggest to Marj that she may like to bring her deerhound, Freeda, in and train her to sit in front of the door, but Marj didn’t think that would be a goer as Freeda tends to pace!!!

Here’s a quick pic of the new hang-out, complete with newly stripped beams and textured walls.

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