Morro Bay Connections

We were recently visiting California and dropped in at a place called Morro Bay for lunch, which is a small seaside town on the central coast, just off California Highway 1. It’s famous for Morro Rock – see photo – which sits in the bay and is very impressive indeed when arriving at the bay for the first time – it seems much bigger than in the photo.

I don’t know if any of you have read the Earlene Fowler mystery books about Benni Harper, but they are generally set in this part of the country (she has a new one just coming out called Spider Web) and tend to feature quilts and quilting. Most of the books are called after a quilt block.  Benni is a folk museum curator and gets into all kinds of scrapes!!  Anyhow, whilst there we stumbled across a lovely quilt and embroidery shop called  The Cotton Ball, which also features in some of the Benni Harper mysteries.  Rob Appell, who runs the store, is a very talented quilter and has appeared on TV and has several books out.  I thought you might like to have a link to his Cotton Ball store and also to some of his amazing quilted pieces.

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