Letterpress Courses

When I was at the local printers a couple of weeks back, he happened to mention that he was going to be doing some Letterpress courses, which is basically learning to typeset in both wood and metal type.

Being an avid fan of all writing and lettering (I love graphics of all types) I would love to attend one of his courses and thought you may be interested too.  His place of work is Cedar Farm Gallery – Rufford Printing Company on 01704 821285 or info@ruffordprinting.co.uk for further details.

For those of you who are further away there is a great British Letterpress site at http://britishletterpress.co.uk/letterpress-guides/ where you can find details of someone closer to home that also takes Letterpress courses, or even a do-it-yourself set of guides for the beginner.  Happy typesetting!

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