Last few days for City & Guilds Bursary applications

City & Guilds have some not too well publicized bursaries available for students who can prove they would struggle to study otherwise.  This may mean financially or in another way such as travel if attended courses are a long way away. The bursary applications are considered twice a year – May and October – which means there is only until the 30th September to apply for the latest round.

I try really hard to promote this each time it comes around; I feel that it is one of the ways that those who genuinely would struggle to study C&G courses are helped to do so.  Here at SST we have had some wonderful bursary students in the past, who have achieved a great deal, so we know from first hand experience that it works.

City & Guilds will pay full course costs as well as materials, equipment etc., so it has to be worth a try for anyone who thinks they would fulfil the criteria. Sadly it is just open to UK residents.

You can access the details on C&G’s site at complete the online entry form at


You’ll need the course code for your application, which are Machine Embroidery Level 3 certificate 7716-67 and diploma 7716-70, Embroidery Level 3 certificate 7716-61 and diploma 7716-64, Patchwork L3 certificate 7716-62 and diploma 7716-68.  Our centre number is 047026 Eccles Farm.  

Quick tip: do ensure you ask for the full cost of the course fees to be met – you can check these on our site at the address below – and also include the £85 City & Guilds enrolment fee on top. If you need a sewing machine or other item such as a laptop or threads, materials etc you can also ask for help towards these too
The best of luck if you decide to go for it. 


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