Lace Exhibition at Birmingham and Dentistry

I’ve had a relatively unpleasant day so far – when I got up I felt fine, but then the dentist phoned me at work and asked if I could take a last minute appointment in a half hours time. I’d been waiting to get a temporary filling in one of my teeth replaced, which had started to hurt, so I said yes pretty quickly.  However an hour later I gather my tooth has cracked down the middle, so although he has done his best to repair, it’s touch and go if it will hold or need root canal.  Yuk – now feel very sorry for myself and drank my morning coffee through a straw!  We’re away  for a few days, so I’m armed with antibiotics ‘just incase’. 

Cherilyn Ward dropped me a line this week to ask if SST could promote a Lace Exhibition in Birmingham.  I have to admit that I sighed – bobbin lace has never been my thing – but this really is very different with some full room installations etc.  Lace in the loosest sense of the word.  Its called Lost in Lace  and will show at the Gas Hall at BMAG from the 29 October 2011 to 19 February 2012. Admission Free. More info from

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