EV visit and New YouTubes

Goodness, what a week!  Our External Verifier was here until nearly 7 pm on Monday, so there has been some catching up to do since!  However it was all very positive and I especially like the comment on her report that “all practical work seen was of a good or excellent standard”.  It sort of makes it all worthwhile!
We’ve been steadily working our way through putting up a selection of student’s work onto YouTube this week.  You can check out whats up there at the moment HERE

Also, the Inspire events are steadily progressing – Janet has a wonderful bit on her BLOG about what we got up to yesterday whilst checking out the June venue (the other two are signed and sealed, thank goodness!)
I thought a sneak preview may be worthwhile at this point – we’re still loading sessions onto them, but the site should be live in around a fortnight.

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