Eeh up – Down South again!

Janet and I went ‘down south’ again this week for 2 days, reviewing several options of hotel for the final Inspire event in 2013……….goodness, who would have thought it could be so hard to pick a hotel!!

Personally I usually just check on tripadvisor to make sure nothing awful is being said about the place and then book – however there’s so much more to consider with such a big event and visits can take quite some time by the time all the questions have been asked and answered, each room visited and copious amounts of coffee drunk!!

We decided after the long drive down to Berkshire and a couple of meetings that a relax was in order during the evening, so a couple of glasses of chilled pinot grigio later at a converted old mill/pub just hit the spot – Janet is there hiding in the background trying to take a photo of me just as I took a photo of her!

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  1. It is worth doing a personal visit – I've heard stories of firms arranging hundreds of positive comments just to hide the real, negative ones must lower in the site! I'm sure the coffee and the pinot helped the decision-making process immensely! It's a shame I'm too far away to consider coming to the course, I'm sure it will be a great event.

  2. It's definitely worth going in person…I think on every visit I thought we had a clear winner and it turned out not to be. This time we were having breakfast and there was a full scale row going on with a member of the reception staff in the background! All interesting stuff…

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