City & Guilds Bursary accompanied by a little light moaning!

Gosh, but its been a while since I last blogged – my apologies. As some of you will already know, we’re having building work done at home, which seems to be lasting longer than we had hoped or anticipated!  Also, my father has spent nearly 3 weeks in hospital since the end of January and although he is out now, it was a difficult time for the whole family.  I hope and pray all will eventually get back to normal………

Anyhow, enough of my moaning – I wondered if all who needed to know had realized that City & Guilds are offering their bursaries again with the closing date being the 1st May 2013 for the latest round. Sadly it is only open to UK residents, so apologies to those of you hailing from elsewhere. I’ve spoken to a number of prospective applicants over the last week or so and reminded them to makes sure they include the C&G registration fee when calculating their costings, as well as the inclusion of a reasonable amount for any materials or equipment they may need to purchase.

For the registration form and further info, go to

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