Chairs and Websites

Chair Update – the chair is gone again. We’re thinking of renaming it Scarlet Pimpernel.   It spent 10 days waiting for it’s arms and then, just when we thought the wait was over, the chap turned up today and brought a new base and arms for it.  Only to discover that the base was the wrong one and therefore the arms can’t be screwed into it properly.  After a consultation process which wouldn’t have been amiss at ACAS, the chair has gone back to be properly fitted with a base so that there are no more failed attempts at fitting in the office…………I’m thinking of running a book on when the final completion date will be – any takers?!!

On a more positive note, Steve is still working away on the new website and it will be a completely different look to the brights on black that we’ve had for the last couple of years. We’ve gone for the more contemporary duck egg blues with textile highlights and a torn page ground.  I’m sure some will love it and others won’t be as keen, but at least it is a CHANGE, which is always interesting and shows that we like to keep up to date whenever possible. I’ve managed to sneak in a pic of one of the early rushes for you, although the text still needs updating etc.  The full site should be up and working within the next month or so, once it’s been fully tested and populated.

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