Blast from the Beading Past!

This morning brought an unexpected visitor to the office – Gordon Halfpenny  who used to run Halfpennys Embroidery shop and restaurant in Clitheroe Lancs with his late wife, Tessa, decided to call and drop off some flyers for his beading fair at the end of this month.
It was really strange to see him again after so long accompanied by his new wife.  I and my fellow Diploma students used to love going into Halfpennys (not JUST for the chocolate tiffin!!) for embroidery supplies.  Tessa was an excellent embroiderer herself and it was one of those lovely bits and pieces type shops that even if you couldn’t see what you wanted Tessa would always be on hand to help and would usually have a bit of what you needed hidden away in a cupboard somewhere. Tessa and Gordon were always so kind with us and supported the students at Gawthorpe Hall when they had their annual exhibition.
Now, I’m not personally a beader, but I know how popular they have become recently and they are great for adding in to give a special something to the right item.  If you’d like to pop along to Gordon’s Beads Up North Fair the details are below:

Beads Up North

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