Back with a Vengence – Workbox and me

First day back in work after a LONG Christmas break – wonderful !  Honestly, though, it is nice to be back and doing something which has nothing whatsoever to do with eating, drinking or entertaining visitors.  And boy do we have lots to do.  Please bear with us whilst we sort it all out – there is a lot of feedback to get through.

Dropping into my in-box over the Christmas break  was an email from Paul Mills to tell me that Workbox magazine has re-invented itself  since his fathers very sad death last year and will be back in production  around March.  It’s now overseen by Paul Veysey from River Media.  I have to say that the new logo and front page look very enticing, so fingers crossed that an old favorite of mine will do very well on it’s re-launch.  Their site is at

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