Another Publication Vanishes

I wonder if you have all heard about the very sorry state of affairs of Modern Quilting Magazine?
Their parent company, All Craft Media (ACM) has gone into liquidation and left several a number of suppliers and writers in the lurch. One of our students, Sarah Ashford, had just had a series of articles accepted by them and has kindly let me know today what has happened in the hopes that by talking about it we can prevent anyone else finding themselves in the same situation.

Sarah has written about it in detail on her blog –  
You can find lots of further details there.

It appears that ACM are a phoenix company of KAL Media, which also went into liquidation in 2010, both owned by Kerrie Allman. There are lots of stories out there about designers and contributors having not been paid for their work and samples not returned.

It’s always sad to hear about something like this happening, especially when our students get caught in the cross-fire,  however as the move towards social media carries on, I guess it may well not be the last magazine that closes.  Times are a changing!
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