6th August 2010 – Working on PhD

Well another busy day – I have promised myself that I’ll get up to date with all the socail networking stuff and have redesigned this blog, posted on facebook and twitter – phew! 

Chatted to Helen from a new magazine called CLOTH – she sent me a copy in the post last week and I wasn’t too impressed with the less than glossy exterior, until I read a little futher and realised that its actually printed on recycled paper with vegetable dyes.  It also has lots of young and trendy ideas in it and a sort of picture progression on quite a few techniques.  Only published quarterley and kept by a few retailers and not available in the large chains such as WH Smith.  You can catch them online if you want to have a look at cloth magazine

Now I REALLY need to get on with this PhD writing up – today was the D day (deadline day) self-imposed, but I still don’t like to miss it……………my bottom is starting to take on the shape of this chair!!

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