28/01/2011 Table Issues

Oh dear – following on from my last post, we had a new table delivered yesterday (somewhere for visiting students to put their work and us to leave various things lying around on!).  Was it ready to use?  Of course not – far too easy! We need to have our endurance skills tested to the limit – it’s good for us to have the odd  challenging task from time to time. So we all set to on the mission to assemble. A sort of Ikea moment!! However as we neared the finish post there was an obvious tilt observed – a little like looking at a boat in a force 10 gale.  We cautiously tested it and found it didn’t just look precarious, by jolly it was precarious………after much standing around, head scratching and discontent a decision was reached to send the blessed thing back and to order another from a company that assemble them first.  Of course it’s still in the office porch waiting to be collected and probably will be for some time to come………….whilst the next one arrives Monday.  We’re all really hoping that we can get the office to look a little less like a war-zone sometime soon, but as the recycling chappies are only coming to take the old stuff away at the end of next week, I’m guessing that the transformation won’t be a quick one…. thank goodness for weekends….

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  1. Oh you poor things!! I so know the feeling!!
    But, I have the answer!!! Listen up!!
    What you need is "A beautiful young man from Student Job Search" – I kid you not! Most universities here have a free service where you can match your need with their young, impoverished students' talents, and for a measly sum, they will do just about anything for you – and look decorative at the same time!! Seriously, I've never had a dud! I've used them for digging holes and cementing in washing line post, painting, sanding and plastering, constructing flat-pack cupboards . . . are you getting the idea? And, IMHO, the boys do it very well if you make encouraging noises at them. . . so much so that a mother told me he'd done so much more for me than he'd do at home!! :-))
    Try it!

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