26/04/2011 Make some Put ’em Ins

The Traditional Quilters Guild’s theme for the Festival of Quilts tombola in 2011 will be “put’em ins”. “Put ‘em ins” includes anything you can think of that something can be put into. They are inviting you to use your imagination and create individual items large or small, that fit this description. (suggestions so far include: bags of all kinds – for sewing and accessories, shopping, cosmetics, pegs, pencils etc.; containers for mobile phones, remote controls, sewing tidies, fabric photo frames, needle cases and pins cushions, holders for thimbles, tape measures, scissors, – or for ear-rings and necklaces, bowls, etuis). The only limit is your time and creativity!
If you’re into quilting, why not raid your stash and tidy up those oddments – try finding something to do with that lovely fabric you fell for that doesn’t match anything else you own; see what your scrap bag holds and what you can do with it – and look into the pile of magazines that you kept for those delightful little projects and never made. They need them by the end of July.

Iit’s all for the Good Cause of the only specialist Quilt Museum in Europe –  St. Anthony’s Hall, York.
Pieces can be sent to Angela Rodda, 22 Redding Drive, Amersham, Bucks, HP6 5PX or to Carolyn Hollands, 21 Ashleigh Road, Weston super Mare, North Somerset, BS23 2XG

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