25/8/2010 So many module, so little time!

I know its irritating to listen to someone complaining about how busy they are – but wow, its been a frantic week and its only Tuesday!  I want to know what happened to the traditionally ‘quiet’ time during the summer when we unfailingly had chance to update modules, work on new projects and generally catch up? Maybe this is the result of all the staycations in the uK this year? 

Two working full time just typing up feedback.  Strangely this week there have been 4 new students all of whom have opted for the postal option – now that’s quite unusual now.  Most of the new enrolments tend to request an online delivery.  However we have dutifully fired up the printers and a huge pile of ‘to posts’ is now waiting in the lobby……..if the weather wasn’t so awful that would be my excuse for an outing to the local post office, but with alternating torrential downpours and sunshine I think I may just leave it for a little while longer!!!

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