25/02/2011 Level 2 Delivery underway

Oh goodness – what a week!  My aplogies for only managing one blog post – very remiss of me. I’ve been very, very busy working to complete the first Level 2 course ready for launch in May.  Especially as I’m now working against time with our trip coming up – it’s been 7am starts all week. Marj is doing words and I’m doing layout and now revisiting text before a final draft – lots of paracetamol has been flying around the office this week, as we all try to deal with our concentration induced migraines!!
I’ve been learning Adobe InDesign as I go along (with more than a little help from the excellent Steve Johnston’s book Brilliant InDesign), which has also meant reacquainting myself with Photoshop and Illustrator along the way – more Steve Johnston manuals have come in handy there as well! It’s a complicated package and I’ve done some head scratching, but every so often I’ve come across a feature that has made it all worthwhile – a sort of Eureka moment on the pc………isn’t it strange how something like using a dropper tool for text profiles can really cheer your day?!

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  1. Heavens Above! I got a vivid mental picture of what a "dropper tool" might be used for, and I'm feeling somewhat ill as a result! Your next competition could be a 3D functional item . . . our own unique Dropper Tool!!

    Glad you're making progress with your work Gail, because we're looking forward to having you here … it sounds as if you're going to need that holiday!

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