25/01/2011 Office Refurb Upheavel

Well, it started with needing a new office chair, which was duly ordered.  Then it was decided that we needed all new chairs in order to co-ordinate.  Next mats had been mentioned (to fit underneath the chairs to keep out tootsies warm in this freezing cold UK weather) so they were ordered too. 

Then someone (no names, no packdrill) suggested that the office sofas didn’t match the new chairs and mats.  A different someone thought that instead of  one sofa we could really do with more table top space and a place to hold meetings – a TABLE maybe?

So today has been chaos with a new sofa, 4 new chairs, bouncy leather type cantileverd chairs and mats arriving. We are still sans table, but we live in hope, although I guess its possible that the table will never arrive and we will all have to pull up our chairs to the space where it should be and PRETEND to lean on it instead!

Shame most of the stuff requires a certain amount of DIY knowledge – who would have thought that a cantilevered chair could fit into such a SMALL box?  Wish us luck!!

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  1. Hey! Where are the pictures!! I love pictures of other people's unpacking chaos – and then we need one of the "After" . . . after someone's found the right kind of screwdriver for those dinky little screws – the kind you've never seen before! Of course, it's also after you've solved the problem of the very badly photocopied instructions in Chinese with drawings that certainly don't resemble the model you've bought!!

    Best of luck Gail!!

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