Classic Stitches

I was really shocked to discover today that the Classic Stitches magazine has gone out of business.  What a shame. ………I’m noticing more and more that magazines (or books for that matter) based around wider embroidery techniques (meaning not just cross stitch) are becoming harder and harder to find.

Don’t get me wrong – ideas books are great and I love some of the Sandra Meech and Jan Beaney inspirational ones, but at some point you just want to know exactly how to DO something and the sort of books that give general instruction across a range of techniques now seem quite rare.  Search Press tell me that the one we used for the embroidery course, The Encyclopaedia of Embroidery Techniques by Pauline Brown, aren’t good sellers – they sold less than 200 a year worldwide, which is quite a thought really (especially as SST must have bought most of those!!).  Still got my eye out for something similar – if you know of anything do let me know……….


  1. Oh that is so sad. When the book arrived on my doorstep I became very emotional to see the contents. It fired my enthusiasm even more. I hope it doesn´t go out of print. Maybe it could be bought from one of those print it yourself kiosks that I have seen on the telly?

  2. Maybe theres a niche there for somebody to compile a new one with a more modern edge but including the old techniques.Im sure if marketed properly they would sell.The market at the moment has no end of books on textiles and surface design to name but two.

  3. Good idea Sandra.

    Perhaps based on a challenge "Take one stitch" would make it interesting. I frequently go back to my Pauline Brown, or my even older bible- the Mary Thomas Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches…

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