20/12/2010 Snow and Disruption……….

It’s been a very odd few days  – busy last week with lots of feedback for students who had just managed to complete a module in front of Christmas, which is pretty much as usual.
However the amount of snow that fell on Friday pm and Saturday am has caused lots of problems and was completely unexpected.  It’s nigh on impossible to access Eccles Farm as the drive and car park are under a foot of snow and the entrance from the lane is treacherous. 

Not sure, as yet, if we’ll be able to open as we’d planned to this week – to be honest its not looking too likely, unless an completely unforcast thaw takes place.  Fingers crossed for a little raise in the outside temperature!!  Please do understand and bear with us if none of us manage to access the office this week, won’t you……….we’ll do our very best, but nothing is worth risking life and limb.

Have a very happy Christmas and a great New Year


  1. Happy Christmas to you all. What fabulous pictures – says she who never has to cope with the downside of being snowed in!! I can imagine that it palls after a while.

    Does all the snow mean you snuggle up with a stitching project – or is it too cold to get the fingers moving?

    Happy Christmas from the warmer climes!

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