19/01/2011 Type/Script Exhibition at Chapel Gallery

My first degree was in design and I LOVE graphic images, particularly writing or text based ones, so this exhibition at our local gallery in Ormskirk really caught my eye.  If you’re local, then it’s definately worth a visit.  They also have a really nice cafe, so plan to partake of a lovely coffee or quick lunch! If you want their full exhibition list it’s available as a download from: http://www.chapelgallery.org.uk/pdfs/exhibitions/Exhibition-Programme_06-10_03-11.pdf

Type/Script: 22 January – 5 March 2011

This exhibition explores the way in which text shapes our world, from newsprint and typography’s ability to present information as absolute truth, to the fact that handwriting is as good as a fingerprint when representing our unique identity. Consider the power and authority of graphic type against the fluid beauty and individuality of handwritten script.

Exhibiting Artists: Ian Bradbury &

Sarah Morpeth, David Chalkey,

Fabio Coruzzi, Paul Matosic, Emma

McLeod, Carl Middleton, Tony

Rickaby, Donna Rumble-Smith,

Sandra Turley and

Anne-Marie Wright.

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  1. Sounds very interesting Gail. Different typefaces have such varying emotional resonances don't they? I find I read "old types" at a different speed even – and of course my ears pricked up at the "coffee" bit!! Are you allowed to take any photos for us?

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