16/8/2010 September Start

I really don’t know where the summer has gone to (what summer!!?).

I’ve been emailing and speaking to onsite tutors today who will be starting back in a couple of weeks time about course sequencing, delivery, content etc ………………every year we review how the C&G delivery went last year and if there is any way we can improve this year.  It’s never been known for some form of alteration not to be made.  I guess that’s all part of trying to do the best for our students.

This year we’re thinking of pushing harder and longer on the Research for Design for the diploma students – we find this front ended approach seems to benefit most.  Poor lambs – they don’t know what they’re in for!!! I’ve just been compiling lists for the first couple of sessions which include wallpaper lining paper and twigs…………….!!

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