15/09/2010 Re-hab for returning soldiers

The gossip grapevine has just told me that we are to get a re-hab facility for soldiers returning from Iraq/Afghanistan in the area. 

Marj and I know that there is quite a tradition of soldiers undertaking needlework in order to combat stress/boredom and generally pass the time away, so we were thinking of offering our services for a day each moth to teach some simple stitches and techniques  to them. I gather the printed tapestry canvases are very popular and pretty easy for beginners. Wonder who we’d apply to in order to find out more?  Anyone any ideas?

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  1. How 'bout asking the "gossip grapevine" source? Or the local Council?

    When our City and Guilds group visited Te Papa here in NZ there was an absolutely wonderful piece of work done by a returning soldier. It was the best piece we saw. Wish I could post a photo for you!

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