11/8/10 New Book for courses

Well I’ve spent an interesting morning looking at new needlework books, as one of the ones we use for our certificate courses has just been removed from print. There;s one just ready for publishing by Dorling Kindersley caught my eye – unfortunately its not available until 1st September, but I’ve placed my order at Amazon! Trouble is it has no Search facility on it, but I’ve contacted DK to ask if I could see a rush………..maybe they’ll take pity on me!

Do you remember the days when we all went to book shops to look through the stock? In some ways very limiting, as the choice wasn’t always there, but ooohh – wasn’t it nice to feel the book in your hands, see every page, smell the new print……….I’m getting all nostalgic now!


  1. Hi Gail, great to see your blog and see things from the other side of the spectrum from the tutors point of view.
    As a point of interest, which books have been removed from print?
    I found being in Australia, a lot of the books you use as reference for each module, were hard to find at our libraries or bookshops, but did manage to get most of them secondhand from Amazon or Ebay.
    What about a book swap for students … old students could swap or re-sell to new students, or your could set up an online library, scanning the relevant sections of each book related to the module … I know this could be an infringement to copyright, but there might be a way around it. Just an idea!

  2. Hi Julie and Eliz
    I love the idea of swapping or re-selling – so many really great books now seem to be out of print, its often the one way of getting them. The book was the Encyclopaedia of Embroidery Techniques by Pauline Brown. I've even tried to purchase digital rights, but unfortunately they can't do this as the book is too old to have been digitized. At the moment I'm awaiting my copy of the new DK needlecraft book, due out on the 1st Sept to see if this would be any good – good news is its also available in pdf format for overseas students.

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