11/02/2011 Upcoming Trip

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this previously, but I’ll be travelling to Australia, New Zealand and the Western US shortly.  It’s amazing how quickly it all seems to have come around – you know how it is, when booking it seems forever away and now it’s nearly here! It’s mainly holiday but with a little catching up with some of our students in New Zealand thrown in, which will be lovely and I’m very much looking forward to.  David is coming with me this time (I had to carry my own bags through the airport the last time I visited NZ!!) which will also give the trip a very holiday like feel. 
My ‘to do before I go’ list is getting ever longer and a certain amount of panic is setting in!!  Still, it will all come together eventually I’m sure.  Marj has been just wonderful over the last few months and has now kindly stepped up to manage everything whilst I’m jet setting.
We’re all working frantically this week on getting the L2 delivery up and running – I’m constantly amazed how long it takes to undertake a new course from the initial ‘how shall we do this’ discussions to the actual doing and photographing through to the building up of the master copies in InDesign and the proofreading.   Fun but sooo time consuming.  I suspect that I’ll be back into the office over the weekend, but at least I have that lovely break to look forward to!

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