Skill Level 1 in Automatic Machine Stitch


Getting Started Using Automatic Machine Stitching online video course


Product Description

This course will give you a great introduction to the various methods of using automatic machine stitching creatively. You won’t need a computerised sewing machine, but one that has just a few in-built patterns available is ideal, as well as swing needle (zigzag) and buttonhole stitch. Majority of new sewing machines produced over the last 30 years or so have at least a few automatic patterns available. You will learn to;

  • A little simple design work (or alternatively use the designs we have used in the video)
  • Transfer your designs to fabric
  • Creating a stitch sampler for your machine
  • Creating a new fabric from your choice of automated stitches
  • Tuft eyelets or other machine embroidered pattern
  • Machine made cord
  • Buttonhole used decoratively
  • Make unique motifs from your machine made fabric

We will also show you how to evolve your design work into a panel to make into a cushion or frame as a picture using the techniques you have learnt.

We estimate the whole course will take 25-35 hours for you to complete